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Excellent performance from everyone. So happy to have seen it. Roanoke has a gem in your company.
Audiences should welcome all future performances: Roden was heartbreaking in his despair over the enchantress’s curse, and his number “If I Can’t Love Her,” which closed Act I, showcased a rich voice of impressive range.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
We were honored to see this show this morning with our school group and it was fabulous!
School Teacher
All of the cast members and the production team bring a wonderful energy to this lively production – a tale as old as time, told exceptionally well.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
The beloved fairy tale gets the customary royal treatment from VCT, with outstanding music, brilliantly engineered sets, charming costumes, creative effects and powerful performances by adults and youth alike.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times


...audiences…will be able to attest once again to the outstanding professional quality of VCT’s productions.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
A number of charming lighting effects by designer Barry Gawinski lent their own magic to the show, drawing audible “oohs” and “ahhs” more than once.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
And as always, a nod to Jimmy Ray Ward’s set, which managed to be both grand and nimble in its changeability.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
...a standout performance for a theater company whose work is never less than superb.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times


...checking all the quality boxes that VCT is known for.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
Alivia brings a strong voice to the roles of Skipper the Penguin and King Julien the Lemur, and all the young players do a tremendous job of transitioning smoothly from character to character.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
Director/choreographer Clint Hromsco has filled this show with upbeat energy and delightful dance sequences, while Jimmy Ray Ward has created a colorful and flexible set that enables the action to travel the globe. The costumes by Sherilyn Lawson are subtly evocative — no face masks or fake paws necessary.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times


As with so many VCT productions, the energy of the young players and the joyous choreography are so infectious that you just can’t take a smile off your face.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
Once again, VCT has mounted a first-rate production, with an outstanding cast and every technical element a slam dunk.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
The cast includes more than two dozen other youth in roles of various prominence, and the creative team guides their stage time seamlessly. Although too numerous to name, the company should know how much their presence enlivens the show, and all are to be commended for their work.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
A special shout-out as well to the puppeteers, whose creatures add an unexpected and delightful note of charm, and whose ephemeral set pieces help to advance the story in a whimsical way.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times


You won't find anything that can hold a flickering candle to Virginia Children's Theatre's production of "The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy."
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
....outstanding large-scale dance numbers, wonderfully choreographed by director Trey Coates-Mitchell, and accompanied by a fine orchestra under the baton of Producing Artistic Director Brett Roden.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
VCT has put together a world-class show on every level. To miss this one would be- dare we say?- a grave mistake.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
Congratulations!! Knocked it out of the park AGAIN!! It was so fantastic!! Well done to cast and crew!
Ramy Regan Klein
It was an outstanding evening of fun and talent. Thank you VCT for providing our community with this wonderful opportunity.
Mary Miller
The show was phenomenal!!! Our Radford HS Visual & Performing Arts students had a wonderful time today!
Jenny Riffe
We enjoyed the show so much last night! It was so funny. I laughed out loud numerous times. The music, singing, dancing, acting, costumes, one liners, it was just all so well executed! Great job to everyone involved!
Brandi Pendleton Brown


Virginia Children’s Theatre describes itself as professional theater for children. That’s apt, but too modest. It’s more like professional theater for everyone.
Jeff DeBell, for The Roanoke Times
Annie presents a perfect opportunity for the uninitiated to get in on one of the valley’s best kept secrets: Virginia Children’s Theatre.
Jeff DeBell, for The Roanoke Times


The show is delivered with the energy and skill typical of VCT productions.
Jeff DeBell, for The Roanoke Times


VCT has been in the Roanoke Valley for the past 12 years, combining professional adult actors with local youth to produce high-caliber children’s theater, and “Matilda” fits right in with this impressive body of work.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
A nod here to choreographer Ronnie Brady, whose air traffic control of these young performers is a feast of coordinated motion delivered with high energy by all the players. Kudos also to costume designer Kathy Jordan and her team for creating a wardrobe that evokes each character’s persona while also enhancing the storybook atmosphere. All the production crew is to be commended for the conspicuously terrific style and quality brought to this show.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times


A charming hour long Appalachian themed telling of the familiar fairy tale that will have grownups smiling as much as the little ones.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
I will return in the future, very entertaining for children and adults as well. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sandra Mattingly, VCT Patron
Once again, [VCT] has pulled together an outstanding team. All the speaking players adopt strong and consistent Appalachian accents and skillful stage movement.
Christina Koomen, for The Roanoke Times
[The VCT] team has created a welcoming venue for professional and aspiring actors alike to put their skills, techniques, gifts and talents to work! The professional AND fun environment found at VCT also makes it a great place to learn the skills and techniques of theater for kids of all ages. Love having this theater for our community to enjoy!
Traci Polumbo, VCT Patron
Thank you for leading the adult professional cast and youth with kindness, patience and respect. We are blessed to be under your leadership.
Caitlin McAvoy, VCT Professional Actor


VCT provides New York level professionalism right here in the Roanoke Valley through SONGS OF THE PAST: A VCT Concert.
Ed Sala, Professional NYC-Based Actor for Over 25 Years


The authentic letters and snapshots of other teens’ experiences throughout the performance made the show even more relatable and real. I have no doubt that the impact of the performances will continue to positively affect kids in our community.
Brandi Pendleton Brown, Parent & Teacher
It was a fantastic show! From the actual production to the interactive forum, it was all so informative and is helping to destigmatize mental illness. You will walk away armed with new information and resources.
Brandi Pendleton Brown, Parent & Teacher
I’m so glad my son and I went. It really opened up the conversation between us. Thank you!
Moria, Parent

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