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As part of our educational outreach mission, VCT offers SOL-compliant in-school residencies as a theatre enrichment option for schools in our community. These programs come with preparation packages, study guides, in-class instruction by VCT ’s professional educators, and follow up materials. These courses can be offered over several days to a class level, or in one day to multiple classrooms. E-mail outreach@virginiachildrenstheatre.org for more information.

1st Grade: Theatre Counts!

Length: 60 minutes
The studies are in: there’s no better way to learn math than having fun! With Theatre Counts!, students will review skip counting, counting forwards and backwards orally, identify shapes and be able to rationalize which shapes would assist best in problem solving scenarios. Embark on a quest with the Master of Multitudes, who needs your students’ help in order to save the land from Sir Subtraction. In order to complete the quest, students must become Keepers of the Count through a series of tasks, adventures and encounters with evil-doers that will challenge their numerical expertise and amplify teamwork, confidence and imagination throughout your classroom. In this new, on-your-feet residency, young people will be cast as our main characters, allowing every student a chance to show off their mathematics skills and learn new abilities: all within one hour!

2nd and 3rd Grade: The Water Cycle

Length: 60 minutes
What better way to learn about the water cycle and states of matter than to become the water? The Water Cycle allows youth to enhance their science comprehension skills by experiencing learning in a creative and hands-on method. Using reading, improvisation, music, rhythm, movement and choreography, students will learn about the Water Cycle and the States of Matter in a fresh and tangible way. Students are also introduced to important aspects and tools of theatrical performance, including body language and movement. The Water Cycle reinforces SOL - based classroom curriculum and exposes students to the Arts!

4TH Grade: VCT Readers Theatre

Length: 60 minutes
Students will learn all about bringing a script to life by putting on a radio play! VCT Readers Theatre allows youth to enhance their literacy skills by experiencing learning in a new and creative manner. While playing with the script, youth can try reading words in different ways, using pitch, stress, and intonation, readers study the text while practicing reading out loud, clearly and expressively with attention on enunciation, diction and volume. VCT Readers Theatre is a highly motivational strategy that connects oral reading, literature, and drama; requiring only a script and a few creative theatre elements, students read aloud and discover that using only their voices, facial expressions, and bodies, they interpret the emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and motives of the characters all the while impacting reading fluency and improving sight-word vocabulary and reading comprehension.

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